Tokyo FIT Summer- PDX


About The Group

The Tokyo FIT PDX group was the first group that was hosted by BeGlobal Foundation in Portland, OR. The students were able to enjoy ESL classes in the morning with our delightful ESL teacher, Annie Rosen, and also enjoy the city of Portland in the afternoon with activities such as: the Portland Walking Tour, Berry picking, and going to the International Rose Garden. Students also experienced a homestay program where they were able to immerse themselves into the everyday life and culture with local host families who reside around the Portland Metro Area.
Program Type
Short Term
Group age
Elementary & Middle School
Central, Kanto Region
Starts: Aug 04 2014
Ends: Aug 14 2014
Study Center Location
Portland, Oregon
PSU: Ondine Building
Hosting Type
Double Placement
Desired Host family Location
Open to families around the study center location and that is willing to provide 30 – 40 minutes weekday class commute.

Monday, August 4th: The Arrival Day!

Although all the Tokyo FIT PDX students just got off from a long flight from Japan, everyone was nervous but very excited to meet their new families for the next 11 days!
Here are some of our students and host families meeting for the first time.

The Skelton Family 
Allen & Rita were one of the first families to pick up their students, Himena Inamura & Shio Sekine.

The Duran Family
Greg was such a responsible host brother picking up his two new brothers, Makoto Furukawa & Shugo Omi.