Takasaki FIT Spring- PDX

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About The Group

The Takasaki FIT Spring Group was one of BeGlobal Foundation's most successful groups with participation from delightful students and also lead by our fabulous repeating ESL teacher, Jennifer Nicholas. As a result of how wonderful our local families bonded by hosting our students, on the departure day all students (with the exception of the male students) were all in tears saying their last goodbyes to their host families. In their short stay in Oregon, the Takasaki FIT students were able to create many wonderful memories and we hope they all continue to keep studying English!
Program Type
Short Term
Group age
Middle & High School
North, Kanto Region
Starts: Mar 26 2016
Ends: Apr 03 2016
Study Center Location
Portland, Oregon
Moreland Presbyterian Church
Hosting Type
Double Placement
Desired Host family Location
Open to families around the study center location and that is willing to provide 30 – 40 minutes weekday class commute.

Saturday, March 26th: Arrival Day!
In our Takasaki FIT group, most of our participating host families were their first time hosting students ever! Although both students and host families were nervous you can see on everyone’s faces they were all more excited for all the adventures they were going to go on together.
The Klutznick Family
Matthew was one of our “first-time hosting” families but he nailed hosting his students from Japan. His student, Hiromu Kikuchi, was able to get the all American experience by grilling on the BBQ and getting to talk to locals at the Farmers market.

Thursday, March 31st: Whole Foods
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The Takasaki FIT students went to go visit an American grocery store, Whole Foods. Everyone was so awed by how big the items are in stock and could not stop thinking “American grocery stores are so BIG!”