Shutoken FIT Spring-PDX


About The Group

The Shutoken FIT group was BeGlobal Foundation's very first all High school student group that was lead by one of our fantastic ESL teacher, Jennifer Nicholas. This group was a small group of only 11 students but they were without a doubt one of the most studious group of students. In their short stay in Oregon, the Shutoken FIT group were able to enjoy activities around Portland and were able to visit a local school, Columbia Christian School, where they exchanged cultural presentations with local students.
Program Type
Short Term
Group age
High School
Central, Kanto Region
Starts: Mar 26 2015
Ends: Apr 03 2015
Study Center Location
Gresham, Oregon
Saint Luke the Physician Episcopal Church
Hosting Type
Double Placement
Desired Host family Location
Open to families around the study center location and that is willing to provide 30 – 40 minutes weekday class commute.

Friday, March 27th: Bicycle Class
The Shutoken FIT  students got their hands dirty with Tori Bortman, owner of Gracie’s Wrench, who taught our students basic bicycle maintenance. Students got to work in groups of two to three on one bike and they were able to learn a little about the Portland bicycle community.
Genichiro Oka & Hota Nishimori work together on cleaning and re-oiling the bike chain. Now they can take better care of their bicycles back in Japan!

Thursday, April 2nd: Local School Visit
The Shutoken FIT students practiced vigorously every day during their morning ESL classes in preparation for the local school visit activity. On the last full day in Oregon, the students visited Columbia Christian School to do a cultural presentation about Japan to the local students while the local students presented American culture to the Shutoken FIT students.
Tokio Takayanagi was in charge of the Origami station and demonstrated step-by-step how to fold a Kabuto, a samurai helmet.

Rei Tanabe & Shizuku Hino taught Columbia Christian students how to write their names in Katakana; which is one of the three writing systems in Japanese.