Shutoken FIT Spring- PDX

Spring 2016

About The Group

BeGlobal Foundation is proud to host another Shutoken FIT group to Oregon! This will be our 3rd Shutoken group and the past two has been an unbelievable success with magnificent local family and studious visiting student participation. This group will be visiting around Easter holiday, so students are eagerly excited to learn about the Easter celebration.
Program Type
Short Term
Group age
Middle & High School
Central, Kanto Region
Starts: Mar 28 2016
Ends: Apr 04 2016
Study Center Location
Beaverton, Oregon
Bethel Congregational UCC
Hosting Type
Single Placement
Desired Host family Location
Open to families around the study center location or located near an easy access to public transportation for students to commute 30-40 minutes to weekday classes.

Buddy System Program
BeGlobal Foundation is proud to announce that the Shutoken FIT Spring- PDX group will include our Buddy System program!

The Buddy System program will allow local high school – college students to attend the afternoon activities with the visiting students. Participating local students will act as a group leader and will be able to personally get to know individual visiting students. This is a great way to create international friendship and also getting to understand a different culture all in a fun relaxing environment.

Host Family Recruitment
The Shutoken FIT Spring- PDX group will also be in search for local host families! 
Local families around the Beaverton/Hillsboro/Tigard who are interested please fill out our quick application form online and a BeGlobal staff will contact you shortly.


**Please note programs set in advance may have the chances of cancellation and will be updated accordingly.