Chubu Junior FIT Spring-PDX

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About The Group

BeGlobal Foundation was proud to host another Chubu Junior FIT group in Gresham, Oregon in Spring 2016! This was our 2nd Chubu Junior group and 28 studious middle and high school students from the Chubu Region of Japan joined the program. This group was able to enjoy spending time with their host families celebrating the American Easter holiday together and take wonderful educational ESL classes with our terrific ESL teacher, Rebecca Moyer, and go on afternoon adventures around the Portland Metro Area.
Program Type
Short Term
Group age
Middle School
Central, Chubu Region
Starts: Mar 26 2016
Ends: Apr 02 2016
Study Center Location
Gresham, Oregon
Mountainview Christian Church
Hosting Type
Double Placement
Desired Host family Location
Open to families around the study center location and that is willing to provide 30 – 40 minutes weekday class commute.

Tuesday, March 29th: Adidas Campus
Photo Mar 29, 1 52 02 PM
The Chubur JR FIT group got to take a quick tour of the Adidas U.S. Headquarters campus up in North Portland. One of the big highlight to go to Adidas is the access to the Adidas Employee Discount Store. With 28 students plus local Conversation Buddies in our group the Employee Discount Store looked like a Black Friday Shopping event!

Thursday, March 31th: “What is your favorite Japanese and American food?”
2016-03-31 11.25.49
Our marvelous ESL teachers taught a section all about restaurants and American table manners to our young Japanese students. As a whole group, they got to create a cultural exchange gallery where students worked together to present to others what their favorite American and Japanese foods are.