How it works

Share cultural interests

Has your family every thought about other international cultures, how they live and how their customs may be different from your own? If so, then hosting a student from another country may be the best way to learn about another country and their people, while also introducing them to your home and the United States.

Expanding your horizons

One of the major benefits of welcoming an international student into your home is that this experience will expose you and your children to a global perspective all in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, both visiting student and your child will improve their communication skills while also gaining personal development.

Building a relationship

In many instances, our homestay program students and their host families build lasting personal bonds. These new friendships may open other opportunities where host family children may visit the student’s home country.

Students’ Schedule

BeGlobal programs are typically one or two weeks in length. Students participating in BeGlobal Home Stay Programs attend English as Second Language (ESL) classes every weekday morning. Special activities and field trips occupy weekday afternoons. On weekends, host families are encouraged to involve the visiting student in their regular family weekend activities. Treating your student guest like a member of your own family will ensure an easy and memorable stay for everyone involved.

Upcoming Programs

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Previous Programs

Responsibilities of host families


Host families are asked to provide three meals per day and transportation to/from the Study Center.


All centers are located within a reasonable driving distance from host family neighborhoods.


All host families are provided with a daily stipend to cover the student’s meals and transportation to/from the study center during their stay.

Apply now to become a host family

BeGlobal invites you to apply now to become a host family and join in on the rewarding experience of hosting an international student. Learn about other world cultures and customs and build long lasting relationships with new and exciting people.

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